This programme seeks to strengthen women’s capacity and equip selected beneficiaries with appropriate knowledge and skills to champion their cause at community and state levels, especially advancing women’s transformational leadership to collectively fight and prevent violence against women and girls(VAWG), including harmful practices, end discrimination and promote gender equality in all spheres of life. Women have been known to be great organizers and mobilizers, including agents of change, playing key roles in community development, especially in Africa. However, their skills and commitments demonstrated in many rural communities have not been harnessed and transformed towards the realization of women’s rights. This project hopes to change this and sharpen women’s leadership role to champion the change they want to see by driving the process and engaging with policymakers at the state level and traditional and religious institutions at the community level. The fifty-fifty Women Group members would be trained on Women’s Rights, Leadership and Advocacy and supported to embark on the necessary action to raise women’s voices and demand gender accountability.