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    TAMAR Sexual Assault Referral Centre (SARC) is a joint initiative of Women’s Aid Collective (WACOL) in partnership with the Enugu State Government
  • The Ministries of Health; Justice; Gender Affairs and Social Development are all involved along with the Enugu State Police Command.
  • Tamar SARC enjoys both financial and technical support from the UK Department for International Development, (DFID) through the Justice for All (J4A) Programme
  • Tamar SARC also receives technical support from UKAID through Partnership for Transforming Health Systems {PATHS2}.
  • Set up in March, 2014 to provide high quality and confidential, medical, counselling and other support services to victims / survivors of sexual violence
  • Supports recovery and encourages reporting of rape and other sexual assaults so that justice can be achieved
  • Eight permanent staff including two on secondment from Government (Ministries of Health; Gender Affairs and Social Development) and two consultant doctors, including the State Police Doctor/Pathologist.

On-site services at TAMAR SARC

  • deputyMedical treatment and medicines
  • counselling
  • Forensic Medical Examinations / Reports
  • Support in reporting to police if desired
  • Additional services provided:
    • Information on external services available
    • Referrals to other agencies (including shelters if required)

All services are provided free of charge



  • Harassment

    Sexual Harassment

    The SARC is completely CLIENT-CENTRED.

  • Always BELIEVE the client
  • Treat everyone with DIGNITY and RESPECT
  • Never JUDGE the client
  • Every client has a right to CONFIDENTIALITY
  • All clients must CONSENT before receiving services
  • All cases involving minors must be reported to the police




TAMAR SARC Forensic Training by Sarah Redvers

Type of Incident No
Rape /Defilement. 556
Attempted Rape 16
Sexual Assault 23
Others (Domestic Violence)

Total no of Cases




Age Group No
0-5yrs 63
6-10yrs  112 
11-13yrs  103
14-17yrs  107
18- 22yrs 112
23-29 yrs  77
30-39yrs 27
40- above   10
Total 611



  •  Perpetrators known to victims/clients
    • Commissioner of Police Enugu State Adamu Mohammed Abubakar Visits TAMAR SARCIt was discovered that most of the perpetrators are often known to the victims/clients.
    • Our record shows that out of the 611 cases treated, 452 persons knew their perpetrators while 156 persons do not know them.
    • Of the 452 perpetrators known,
    • 60—-perpetrators are family members
    • 392—perpetrators are not family members



    • DFID Head of Office Ben Mellor Visits TAMAR SARCMost of the victims were raped by one perpetrator, while some were victims of gang rape. See data below:
    • 491 ——- victims were raped by 1 perpetrator
    • 109   ——–victims were gang raped, by 2 or more perpetrators
    • 9     ———victims could not remember the number of perpetrators that raped her.





Minor perpetrators————— 37

Adult  perpetrator—————— 573

Unknowm————————— 1




  • INCIDENT LOCATION {L.G.A}Official handover of the Bus to Dr. Joy Ngozi Ezeilo,
  • Cases recorded so far comes from these Local Government Areas:
  • Aninri 4 cases                                    Awgu 10 cases
  • Enugu East 201 cases                      Enugu North 119 cases
  • Enugu South 113 cases                     Ezeagu 24 cases
  • Igbo Etiti 5 cases                             Igbo-Eze North 1 case
  • Igbo-Eze South1 case                      Isi-uzo 4 cases
  • Nkanu East 20 cases                        Nkanu West 16 cases
  • Nsukka 7 case                                   Oji river 5 cases
  • Udi 33 cases                                      Uzo-uwani 2 case     
  • Udenu  3
  • Outside Enugu State 15 cases Unknown 1 case


  •  Cases prosecuted
    • Commissioner of Police Enugu State Adamu Mohammed Abubakar Visits TAMAR SARCTotal of Twenty-Eight {39} cases from the centre charged to court.
    • Five {5} cases —-Discharged
    • Seven {7} cases—Prosecution stage
    • One {1} case—Sentenced to 14 years in prison
    • Eleven {26} cases -Awaiting trial



  • Counseling Training
    TAMAR SARC Counseling Training by Joanne Muccio
  • DFID Head
    DFID Head of Office Ben Mellor Visits TAMAR SARC
  • Commissioner of Police Enugu State
    Commissioner of Police Enugu State Adamu Mohammed Abubakar Visits TAMAR SARC
  • Minna Team
    Minna Team understudies TAMAR SARC
  • Official handover
    Official handover of the Bus to Dr. Joy Ngozi Ezeilo,

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