WomenAid Collective(Wacol)

WomenAid Collective

wacol_logoWACOL stands for WomenAid Collective. We are an independent, non governmental, non-profit organisation. We are dedicated and committed to helping women and young people in need. We are gender conscious and work towards gender equality and human rights for all.

WACOL was founded in November 1997 with its headquater in Enugu and branch offices in Port Harcourt, and the Federal Capital Territory Abuja, Nigeria. It is registered with the Coporate Affairs Commission as a charitable organisation (N0 RC 388132).

WACOL exists to help women and young people whose rights are threatend and / or have been denied and who are subjected to phyisical,mental, and/or sexual abuse. The aim of WACOL is to increase legal protection and fight for better choices for abused women and children, facilitate flow of information and experiences between organisation, and develop appropriate Information, Education and Communication materials that will be used in advocacy for human rights of women and young people. At the moment WACOL maintains a combined staff strength of forty-five spread across our six offices.


A democractic society free from violence and abuse where Human Rights of all, especially Women and young people are recognised in law and practice.

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Tamar SARC-WACOL Hotlines: +234-9091333000 or +234-9092777000 email: tamarsarc@wacolnigeria.org