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WACOL provides a range of services to women and girls and they include;


Shelter/safe homes at crisis moment.
Legal advice/assistance
Counseling victims and their families.
Documentation of cases of abuse
Drop-in centre

WACOL’s ultramodern Shelter and safe haven for battered and displaced women and girls with the support of private and International Foundations donations such as Global Fund for Women and Swedish NGO Foundation for Human Rights. The shelter provides temporary accommodation to females victims of battery and violence pending WACOL’s mediation in the matter. This has helped a long way in guaranteeing their right to life and protecting them from being killed or wounded during the peak of crisis. Since it’s completion, a good number of battered and displaced women and girls have benefited from the shelter services.

Shelter/Safe homes at crisis moment
See below to view shelter facility”

This project has also assisted in providing shelter for battered women/wives. This shelter is a dream came true. Our shelter ……… conflict.

Two recent cases give testimony to the above statement that highly placed wives are battered. Chief (Mrs) B D is a wealthy woman but a victim of family violence. So also Dr. (Mrs.) IF who was even being battered by her Lt. Col husband in her eighth month old pregnancy. From the increase in the number of battered wives the shelter project is really a big blessing to these victims of family violence.

Some of the cases have two ingredients in one e.g. Denial of inheritance and Assault or Violence Against Women.

From the foregoing, it is becoming exceedingly difficult to cope with the said increase. The legal clinic has engaged more external solicitors who handled our cases in other zones outside the major towns in areas covered by this project. The challenges are that when matters are charged to court the matters are not given speedy trials. So also with the police who at times go on transfer and abandon the matter on hand.

The legal aid is making a lot of impact in the society generally. Now women come for help at WACOL a neutral place that is free from bias. They obtain justice and peace from the legal aid especially when the matters are fully resolved at WACOL at no expense. We feel happy when at the end of each peaceful resolution of conflict the parties on their own accord get up, shake hands and thank WACOL and go home happy. Some, who come to WACOL, apart from being poor, fear intimidation and harassment from state agencies – the courts and the police. Now people are familiar with our procedures in resolving conflicts they come to us when they are invited in a matter. Those who came to WACOL also help to encourage others to seek help from us as the legal services are free, thanks to the magnanimity of the Swedish NGO Foundation for Human Rights. These women are poor but they now realize when their rights are violated and run to WACOL for help/aid.





Outreach Programs

Outreach programs for the following category:
Young People
Service Providers
Policy Makers/Legislators
Religious, traditional and community leaders


Information Dissemination
Information Dissemination through:
Mass media
Information Technology, workshops, seminars and conferences
IEC materials, brochures, leaflets, posters, stickers etc.


Training and Consultation
Training/Consultation on:
Women’s health and rights
Training of paralegals
Training of peer health educators (PHEs)
Training of community advocates
Human Rights of Women and Young People
Democracy and Good Governance
Conflict Mitigation
Advocacy/using rights based approach


Other services
Library and Information Services
Consultancy Services


Funding Agencies and Organizations International and local that supported WACOL Activities.

Swedish NGO Foundation for Human Rights, Stockholm ,

Office of Transition Initiative (OTI), USAID,

Democracy and Governance Section of the US Embassy,

United Nations Voluntary Fund for Victims of Torture (UNVFVT, Geneva ),

West Minister Foundation for Democracy, UK ,

TMG/United Nations Electoral Assistance,

International Human Rights Law Group now Global Rights, Partners for Justice


Global Fund for Women, California , USA ,

Hesperian Foundation , USA ,

John D. & Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation,


National Human Rights Commission,

Share Institute, California , USA

United Nations Fund for Women (UNIFEM),

Open Society Initiative for West Africa (OSIWA),

Department for International Development (DFID), NGF managed by British Council

African Women Development Funds (AWDF),

Heinrich Boll Foundation (HBF),

British High Commission Abuja (Global Opportunity Fund),

Women’s Health Project, School of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg , South Africa , Action Aid International Nigeria,

Security, Justice & Growth (SJG)/DFID,

Partnership for Transforming Health Systems (PATHS)/DFID,

Media Loan Fund (MDLF), Prague

COHRE Centre on Housing Rights,

UNDP Abuja ,

World Bank small grant,

Strengthening Nigeria ‘s Response to HIV/AIDS (SNR/FHI),

Enugu State Action Committee on Aids (ENSACA)/World Bank,

National Democratic Institute (NDI),

European Union Initiatives (EU),

Federal Ministry of Women Affairs,

French Embassy, Lagos

Royal Netherlands Embassy, Abuja

International Foundation for Education and Self Help (IFESH),

Centre for Reproductive Rights (CRR), New York

African Women Development Fund (AWDF),

UNFPA/Ministry of Information, Rivers State

Joint Donor Basket Fund (JDBF) EU, DFID, CIDA, and UNDP, amongst others.


Support Women’s Cause by Supporting WACOL
Our supporters enable us to respond quickly to women and young people’s needs.
To uphold our objectives, and find solutions.

  • Annual Contributions:
    Core supporter $5,000 and above
    Principle Supporter $1,000
    Ordinary Supporter $100
    Unwaged/Student Supporter $25.

Supporters will receive copies of our publications and activivity progress report.
Please Donate for Women and young people.
All the funding Enquiries could be channelled to




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