Where We Work

Where We Work

Here are listed our thematic areas of our work related activities and programs

Women's Aid Collective

Thematic Areas

Gender and Human Rights

Gender discrimination is prohibited under almost every human rights treaty, including the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights. which under their common article 3 provide for the rights to equality.

Democracy and Good Governance

This means the effective and efficient structures which provide optimal support to citizens in leading a safe and productive life in line with their desires and opportunities. Essentially, this involves a combination of democracy, the social welfare state and the rule of law.

Reproductive Health and Rights

Rights to reproductive and sexual health include the right to life, liberty and the security of the person; the right to health care and information; and the right to non-discrimination in the allocation of resources to health services and in their availability and accessibility.

Conflict Resolution and Peace talk

The vision of the Peace Talks is to expand the space for dialogue about building peace and resolving conflict. Through individual Peace Talks, speakers from different sectors and industries share their personal stories, ideas and practical solutions to resolve conflict.

Library Services

This is part of the publication service that Online research services allowing patrons to pose questions and get answers from librarians. At WACOL, it includes: Publication, articles, research, list of books in alphabetical order with title, name of author, years of publication, newsletters, training & cooperative programs.

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